"Speed Legally" on the Internet with Egyptian's SpeedNetSM DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)

What is Egyptian SpeedNetSM DSL Internet Access?

This state-of-the-art service uses Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology to carry data at high speeds over a standard copper telephone line. With SpeedNetSM DSL, you can attain speeds 20-30 times fast than a traditional 28.8kbps Modem. Egyptian SpeedNetSM DSL Internet Access gives you the ability to surf the web and talk on your phone at the same time. Just think, no more busy signals or long waits to make a call.

What kind of equipment is needed for Egyptian SpeedNetSM DSL Internet Access?

  • An Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC) installed in your computer.
  • A DSL modem is furnished in the package by Egyptian.

Where does Egyptian provide SpeedNetSM DSL Internet Access?
Baldwin DeSoto Blair DuQuoin
Glenn DuQuoin St. Libory Eldorado
Venedy Goreville Oakdale Harrisburg
Rice Herrin Anna Hurst
Brookport Murphysboro Benton Marissa
Carterville Metropolis Carbondale Royalton
Chester Shawneetown Lakewood Sparta
Marion Sesser Coulterville Tilden
WestFrankfort Vienna Johnston City Cobden
Lakeland Christopher Pinckneyville Percy

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on new communities to be released!!

Here's what you get with Egyptian's SpeedNetSM DSL service?

  • Unlimited Internet Access
  • Speeds 20-30 times faster than a traditional 28.8 modem
  • Simultaneous transmission of a telephone call and high speed data over the same line
  • "Always On" technology -- there's no need to dial-up each time you want to connect to the In t ernet
  • 24-Hour Customer Service/Technical Support
  • World Wide Web, E-Mail, Newsgroups
  • Free Personal Home Page
  • Two Free Email Accounts

All plans subject to Terms and Conditions as established by Egyptian.

For more information, or to order Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) service, please call Egyptian Internet Services, Inc. at (888)774-1638 (option 1), or send email to: dslinfo@egyptian.net