Egyptian Communication Services, an affiliate of Egyptian Telephone Cooperative Association, is a full service telecommunications provider offering you the very best in local and long distance service. Let us handle all your calls so you can always be assured of superior quality, competitive rates, and best of all your choice of savings! Take a quick look at our Telephone Services while you're here.

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Talk Anytime Plans*
Talk Anytime--500
  • 500 anytime minutes of long distance*
  • $19.95 per month
Talk Anytime--Unlimited
  • Unlimited anytime minutes of long distance*
  • $29.95 per month

Your Choice/Your Savings
Egyptian Real Savings (the more you call-the more you save!)
  • 10% $0-$19.99
  • 20% $20.00 - $49.99
  • 30% $50.00 or more
Egyptian Smart Call (plain and simple!)
  • $.10 per minute 7pm-7am (weeknights)
  • $.20 per minute 7am-7pm (anytime - plus weekends & holidays)

Save money from your first call

Other companies require a monthly fee or a minimum charge before your savings start. Not us! With Egyptian Communication Services, we’ll save you money on all your calls from the moment you pick up the phone!

Hometown service

We’ve always been right here for you! We know you, our customers and our area. We Care! Our friendly, knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives are standing by to explain our additional services and how to choose the savings plan that’s right for you!

One telephone bill

We’ll show you your savings every month – right on your telephone bill.

Capital Credits

Revenues generated from usage of Egyptian Communication Services are considered in the allocation of capital credits to Egyptian Telephone Cooperative Association members. No other company can offer this to our members.

For more information about our Long Distance savings plans, call Egyptian Communication Services at 618.774.1000.

“No One Knows You Better than Egyptian”

Egyptian Long Distance savings plans are currently only available to Egyptian Telephone Cooperative members. Watch for future announcements to see when our Long Distance services will be made available in surrounding areas not currently served by Egyptian Telephone.

Why Egyptian Long Distance is your best choice for members’ long distance needs

Based on our huge giveaways, Egyptian Telephone Cooperative members have averaged as low as 4 cents per minute on their calls. This rate was averaged on all calls throughout the United States. That average clearly shows why Egyptian Long Distance is the best choice for our members. Besides discounts on calls, last year we gave away the distribution minutes, ½ price Sundays, and also 60 minutes worth of prepaid calling card calls to our subscribers.

Call today to take advantage of Egyptian’s giveaways. We provide you with one bill convenience, calling cards, prepaid phone cards, capital credits, free long distance minutes, and no hidden surcharges or monthly fees.

Illinois Restricted Call Registry

Illinois law protects residents from certain unwanted telemarketing calls. For more information about the Restricted Call Registry and how to enroll visit the Illinois Commerce Commission web site.

*All plans subject to terms and conditions as established by Egyptian.
Terms and Conditions